National competition for creative content that emphasizes uniting Moldovans, highlights their diversity and aspiration to build a great future together.
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What is the main goal of PITCH.MD?
To develop the creative content (in Bulgarian, Gagauz, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian or any language spoken in the Republic of Moldova) and to promote stories of UNITING MOLDOVANS, celebrating Moldova's shared values, highlighing positive changes in the country, and encouraging Moldovans to take an active part in the FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY. Tell Moldovan stories through different forms and formats for digital and traditional media, cultural and innovative platforms to celebrate Moldovan values that makes us stronger!

PITCH.MD is an open competition for experienced creative professionals, digital and social media content creators, producers, filmmakers and all types all types of artists from both banks of the Nistru River, who would like to receive support for the development of new creative projects, extension of existing, successful initiatives or improvement of their marketing/technical skills.

All projects submitted to the PITCH.MD should enhance the sense of uniting a multicultural and multilingual Moldovan society, inform the public about positive trends and results achieved by a democratic nation, reach audiences in any or all parts of the country, foster positivity about inclusivity and tolerance, and uphold the shared values of the people of Moldova.
Competition's timeline
September 9th 2022
Launch of PITCH.MD and call for applications
September 26th 2022
Deadline for applicants to submit their concepts to PITCH.MD
September 27th – October 2nd 2022
Selection of PITCH.MD semi-finalists
October 3rd 2022
PITCH.MD announces and notifies semi-finalists
October 3rd – 8th 2022
Semi-finalists refine their pitch with support from a panel of international judges of producers
October 9th 2022
Semi-finalists pitch their ideas to the international jury
October 11th 2022
Winners of PITCH.MD oficially announced and notified
October 12th – 28th 2022
Finalists receive in-person support from judges and technical expert mentors.
March 30th 2023
Creative content Gala showcase of the final products by the winners of PITCH.MD
Important: Finalists have to complete their project (or a portion of it proposed) by February 2023.
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